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"Sovereignty + Business Plans" by Sarah

We'll be the first to confess that we aren't business-minded. We're entrepreneurial, but we don't have any formal business training. Our family and Modern Forestry is where it's at just four years after its origin, because of God's incredible grace, answering prayers we hadn't even yet voiced for family and fulfillment at work.  We can't embrace and praise God for his sovereignty - knowing all things past, present, and future and directing them for HIs purpose - in the past without also embracing it in the present and future. Our daily challenge as small business owners isn't just to accept God's sovereignty, but to find peace and rest in His ultimate control.  When things happen unexpectedly, like our monthly maker's...

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Making the Selah Scent - an Interview with Sarah

Every month, the Modern Forestry Studio creates a new signature scent. This month, we’re so excited to introduce Selah, named after our daughter born in February 2019.    Why do you create a new scent each month?  Great question. We sometimes wonder why, because it does create a lot of different candle scents in the studio and storing all of them has become a challenge. But it keeps us, as creators, creating. It’s easy to get consumed with maintaining the company and forget why we started in the first place. At our core, we are creators, and we need to continue doing that.    How do you come up with a new scent?  We try to vary new scents between...

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