River Birch
River Birch
River Birch
River Birch

River Birch

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The love of the woods compelled us to introduce this luxury evergreen fragrance. River Birch has notes of eucalyptus, cypress, pine, and tonka bean, quickly making this one of our top selling woodsy scents. This scent might take you to memories of walking through a forest of cypress trees or maybe right to the Christmas Tree Farm to pick out that special tree perfect for your Holiday celebrations. The depth and authenticity of this scent come from added essential oils including fir needle, cedarwood, eucalyptus, patchouli, and cedar leaf oils.

"After the winter, River Birch is a sure sign that spring is near." B. Cooper in Portland, OR

"Love these candles! Safe to burn and smell so good! Crunchy mama approved! - L. Addington in Greenville, SC

"You need this candle in your home! This is my absolute favorite scent. The sweetness combined with the woodsy scent is perfect. The first day we burned it, I couldn't stop exclaiming how great it smelled!" ~ K. Koch (Glenside, PA)


Yes, you can! Because this Modern Forestry creation is made with 100% soy wax and lotion safe oils infused with essential oils, you can use the candle and the wax melts as natural and soothing lotion. As your candle creates a burn pool, you can dip your fingers into the melted soy. Soy wax never gets hot enough to burn skin - unlike paraffin wax. In our home, we use our candles as lotion, hair conditioner for split ends (just a little), and beard balm. 


“Hand-poured” means that we make candles the old-fashioned way - with time, great care, and with our own two hands. Other than our wax melter that melts over 50 lbs of pure soy wax at a time, everything in the Forestry Studio is done by hand - from the wicking of your cotton wick or wood wick, to the pouring of your essential-oil infused 100% soy wax candle, to hand labeling and packing your order with precision and care. We make sure the quality from start to finish receives all the love it needs before it meets your doorstep.


We list minimum burn times for our soy candles. Burn time can be affected by several different factors like wind draft, length of wick, and size of container. Soy wax is known to get 6-7 hours of burn time for every 1oz of wax. Our 4oz candle burns a minimum of 20 hrs, 8oz is 40 hrs, and 16oz is 80 hrs. 



Founded in 2015 by John and Sarah Collins, Modern Forestry was born out of a passion to find a cleaner healthier burning candle. At the time, Sarah was struggling with severe migraines, and her doctor traced her migraine triggers back to traditional paraffin wax candles. Not wanting to give up candles, she set out on a mission to find a better quality candle. After much research, she began making 100% pure soy candles with high-quality fragrance oils infused with essential oils. Her dedication sparked an interest with friends who encouraged her to begin selling the candles she had created. Since then, her hobby turned into a small business, which has now become a thriving candle company.  Every Modern Forestry all-natural soy candle is hand-poured near Greenville, SC in the Blue Ridge foothills.

At Modern Forestry, all candles are made with 100% American grown soy wax (not watered down with paraffin fillers), which lasts 30-50% longer than paraffin wax. They are clean-burning,  phthalate-free, and contain essential oil based fragrance oils. Soy candles are non-toxic, have very little soot release, and maintain longer scent throughout life of the candle. We put no coloring, additives, or stabilizers in the candle, meaning we do not alter the candle in any way. We let it dry in its natural form and allow the oils to react with the drying process, some  of which create different variants in color. Most dry in the natural creamy coloring that the soy wax provides, some dry with a darker hue and others with a brighter hue, depending on the temperatures and oils reactions, none of which change the structure and quality of the soy candle. We use either a lead-free cotton wick or crackling cedar wick, hand-poured in recycled glass mason jars. 

Modern Forestry soy candles can be poured for custom orders in the scent and jar size you desire. Create a special custom label for your wedding, shower, birthday, or special event. Email info@theforestrystudio.com for a custom quote for your next party or event.

For wholesale inquiries, please apply with our wholesale application on our website at theforestrystudio.com.

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