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Make Your Own Candle Kit: Fall Edition

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*Candle Making Kits will ship on Friday, September 15. This is a limited batch run. If you miss the fall candle kits, check back later for our Holiday Make Your Own Candle Kits, launching in November 2023. 

Whether you have a magical aptitude for all things DIY or you struggle finger painting with your toddler, the Modern Forestry Make Your Own Candle Kit is for you! Each kit makes 2 8oz candles in silver tins.

Our story is built around community and we hope your Modern Forestry Candle Making Kit is a tool to foster community and good conversation. Grab some hot chai, a girlfriend or two, your daughter and her friends, and go pop some popcorn. 


Candle Making Kit Includes

      • 2 8oz silver metal tins
      • 1  jar of fragrance oil
      • 2 cotton wicks
      • 2 wick tabs
      • 1 bag of pure soy wax
      • 2 clothes pins
      • 1 popsicle stick


What You’ll Need from Home (not provided)

    • Scissors
    • Double boiler (or heat resistant bowl & saucepan)
    • Heat-safe pourable container (large enough to hold at least 3 cups)
    • Cooking Thermometer

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