solved a problem

Early beginnings

Sarah was getting headaches from the candles that we were buying from the store. She started making soy wax candles on the stove in their 300 square foot apartment. The first one was made solved the problem of the migraines she was getting from petro chemicals found in many candles. Launched Etsy shop. Hired first employee shortly after.

Online and farmers market

Beautiful beginnings

Sarah and John were going out every weekend selling candles at 2-3 farmers markets.

- They started Forestry Friday (Now Forestry Weekend), a makers market of their own. Their first child was born. Sarah quit her job in 2016, John quit his in 2017. The team grew to 5

They Joyfully attended...

Every market they could

By 2019 they were selling at every market they could. The team had grown to 6 team members and the family had grown to 2 children. Lifelong relationships were formed with the community, other makers, and event organizers. Bringing their young ones to market and doing business they best they could they continued forward into this great adventure.

a growing team, Growing family

1450 square feet

Little by little the team grew, accomodating wholesale, retail sales, and attending over 200 events a year! If it were not for small businesses all over the country ordering wholesale, and faithful customers ordering online, they woudn't have been able to stay in business.

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