We started making candles in 2014 because Sarah was getting headaches from petroleum based candles. We found out that was the reason through a process of troubleshooting with our family doctor. We had already gotten rid of gluten, added sugars, and dairy from our diet and yet the headaches persisted! Then one day he mentioned many of his patients were getting headaches from store bought candles. The reason he said was because the candles were made from petroleum based wax! After we got rid of those candles from our house we still wanted to burn candles. Sarah found out through online research that it's possible to make a soy based candle as a safer alternative to petroleum. 

Do your candles have essential oils in them?

We've tested with straight essential oils only in candles and have found that they are not compatible with candles. Through our testing, we have found that they have a good cold throw before you light them, but once they start to burn you may get very little scent. At the worst, you may get a fuel-like smell. We use candle oils that have essential oils infused in them and they work amazing for candles.

Every person reacts differently to essential oils. The candle oils we use are free of parabens and phthalates and have essential oils in them. We only use candle oils which have been certified safe for use according to Californian law. The main cause of Sarah's reactions was the petroleum based wax which studies have shown to produce harmful chemicals. 

Can you use these candles as a lotion?

Yes! The oils we use are also hand-safe (unless indicated in the listing) so that means you can use them as a hand lotion. Soy wax is naturally a hand moisturizer so that means you can enjoy the benefits of your soy candle and help heal the cracks in your skin that come with the drier months!