Rules and Regulations:
Vendors hereby agree to abide by the following rules and regulations. Your submitted application is considered your signed Vendor Agreement required for booth setup. 

1) Vendor payment is due by 20 days before each scheduled monthly Forestry Friday. A $10 late payment fee will be assessed after the deadline. Failure to pay on time can result in a forfeited spot. 

2) If the Vendor cancels more than a month before the event, a full refund will be issued. Cancellation given within 30-8 days of the event will result in a 50% refund. Cancellation given within 7 days of the event will result in a forfeit of the Vendor spot payment. The Event Organizer is permitted to make an exception if they deem appropriate due to illness, injury, etc. Repeat cancellation will effect the Vendor's eligibility for future events. 

3) Exhibitors shall comply with all local, county, state and federal police, fire, health and public safety laws, ordinances, and regulations applicable to the Exhibit covered by this agreement.

4) No space will be shared or sublet to others without express written consent of Modern Forestry. All persons who share a space must sign this Agreement and comply with the same guidelines expected of all other Vendors. If one individual represents two businesses, both spaces must be clearly defined.

5) There are a limited number of spaces available (tent, inside, outside, etc) per event and each space will be assigned by the Event Organizer. 

6) Setup Hours: Friday, 4:00p-5:30p. The event area must be cleared of all Vendor vehicles by 5:30pm due to the safety of Team Members, Vendors, and Customers.

7) Vendor Parking: Vendor parking is determined based upon the needs of the Venue and grass conditions. A Team Member will instruct Vendors where to park when they arrive. If the location is otherwise stated as different than this in an email that document takes precedence over this one.

8) Vendor Hours: Friday, 6:00p-8:30p. Tear down hours: 8:31p-10:00p. Early tear down will result in a forfeit of all future vendor opportunities. Event fees for forfeited vendors will not be able to be refunded if paid in advance.

9) Insurance: It is the sole responsibility of the Vendor to obtain insurance coverage on property brought onto the premises of Arran Farm. Vendor assumes full responsibility of items left in the rental space. Any damages to the Venue property by you, as a Vendor, will be the sole responsibility of you, as the Vendor, to pay back what the Venue assesses as the proper recourse.

10) Your space type will be assigned to you by Event Organizer(s) at the time your application is approved. Spaces cannot be changed without approval of Modern Forestry. If you cannot remember the space assigned to you at time payment is due please contact the Event Organizer(s) for that information at and they will be glad to help.

11) The Event Organizer(s) reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason.

12) Vendors are responsible for cleaning their space area and removal of their trash. The Venue is to be left as we found it. Arran Farm reserves the right to charge any additional fees to any Vendor that does not comply.

13) The Event Organizer(s) will provide advertising for the event via Facebook and Instagram, but will welcome any additional advertising avenues that Vendors are interested in pursuing.

14) There is not a rain makeup day. If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather, the Vendor fee will be moved to the next event date scheduled. If you are not scheduled to return or it is the last event you will be attending, Vendors will receive a full refund for their booth space. If Vendors cancel before the Event Organizer(s) calls an event cancelled, they will forfeit their booth space. 

15) With the exception of Food Trucks, generators are not permitted within your rented booth space. 

16) Vendor spaces are limited by category (soap, pottery, woodworking, fiber art, etc) and will be determined by the Event Organizer(s) based on availability, previous market experience, and product.

17) Indoor Vendors: You are expected to honor the Event Organizer(s) requests to be limited to the event space that you have rented and if your booth is too far out or you are blocking the entrance to another Vendor's booth, you will be asked politely to move your booth closer to the walls. NO nails or tacks or any hanging tools of any kind are allowed on the barn walls or doors! This space is used as a wedding venue and the wood must be protected and preserved. No part of your display may stick out past your designated area. We always prioritize the Customer's space to move about in the barn.

18) If you ask to borrow an item from the Staff please return it before you leave the event. Make sure all property you leave with belongs to you and not another Vendor, Modern Forestry, or Arran Farm.

We really appreciate having each of you at this event. Our mission and purpose is to create an event that inspires fellowship and growth among the local hand made Community and the Greater Upstate at large. We want you to feel heard, accepted, and to flourish in your craft. Thank you for being a part of making this event so special. If you have any questions about any of these guidelines feel free to email