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If you'd like your store/business logo on our labels, we can absolutely do that. Please select this listing to add the one-time fee for this addition. We charge a flat rate fee of $20.00 for custom label TRANSFER. We do NOT create your logo from scratch. Please be prepared with an original logo file in AI, PDF, or PNG format. It must be a high-quality vectored black and white image of your logo. You will email your file to us at or if you have already been in communication with our Wholesale Director you may include your file in a reply to that email. We cannot move forward with logo set-up until this fee has been included with your order.

We print all logos in black and white on our brown kraft labels. Again, we require you to provide us with an AI, PDF, or PNG original file of your logo, in a high-quality vectored black and white image. We do not print in color as this is not the best look on our labels. We require all labels to contain the statement "100% Pure Soy hand-poured by Modern Forestry" located at the very bottom of the label. All scent names are placed where it will best compliment your logo. We have attached a couple different examples of basic style of layouts. You do have the option to include your website should your logo layout allow for the space to do so. Simply let us know if would like to include your website.

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