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Peppermint Milkshake

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We don't know about you, but we LOVE Chick-fil-a! The Holiday Season consists of at least one weekly run to grab their seasonal Peppermint Chip Milkshake. Slurp! It's so good we have a candle in its honor. Enjoy this fun combination of peppermint candies and chocolate to make that magical sweet smell of this delicious shake. Yep! All in one beautiful sweet candle. Nope! You can't eat it, but you can surely enjoy the smell AND it's calorie free! Essential oils including menthe and wild mint are infused into subtle notes of vanilla and coconut milk that balance the chocolate and peppermint beautifully to bring this wildly popular milkshake each winter season.

"I am picky about my scents. Not too sweet. Not to perfume. Not too much... But yet, I want the scent to last and last."

"I LOVE this scent. It's like I am holding a jar with warm chocolate cocoa and a fresh candy cane was just set in.... yet, not so chocolatey and not so pepperminty. It is mild, not over sweet. It is what I want my house to smell like when you walk in the door. It doesn't smell like I have been baking, but it smells yummy somehow."

"It's a wonderful scent! I hope MF makes it for years to come. I would easily burn it in July as Oct, Nov or December!" 



Yes, you can! Because this Modern Forestry creation is made with 100% soy wax and lotion safe oils infused with essential oils, you can use the candle and the wax melts as natural and soothing lotion. As your candle creates a burn pool, you can dip your fingers into the melted soy. Soy wax never gets hot enough to burn skin - unlike paraffin wax. In our home, we use our candles as lotion, hair conditioner for split ends (just a little), and beard balm. 



We list minimum burn times for our soy candles. Burn time can be affected by several different factors like wind draft, length of wick, and size of container. Soy wax is known to get 6-7 hours of burn time for every 1oz of wax. Our 4oz candle burns a minimum of 20 hrs, 8oz is 40 hrs, and 16oz is 80 hrs. 


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