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Tell a teacher how much you appreciate them with a customized candle. Choose a scent and then choose the label option desired. Want to create your own? No problem! Simply choose Option 9 and let us know what you want the label to say in the notes section at checkout. Need multiple candles? Use our bundle options and just let us know which custom labels you want in the notes section at checkout.

Custom labeling is complimentary.

*Please note that we do not create custom labels that contain vulgar language or inappropriate graphics.


“Hand-poured” means that we make candles the old-fashioned way - with time, great care, and with our own two hands. Other than our wax melter that melts over 50 lbs of pure soy wax at a time, everything in the Forestry Studio is done by hand - from the wicking of your cotton wick or wood wick, to the pouring of your essential-oil infused 100% soy wax candle, to hand labeling and packing your order with precision and care. We make sure the quality from start to finish receives all the love it needs before it meets your doorstep.


We list minimum burn times for our soy candles. Burn time can be affected by several different factors like wind draft, length of wick, and size of container. Soy wax is known to get 6-7 hours of burn time for every 1oz of wax. Our 4oz candle burns a minimum of 20 hrs, 8oz is 40 hrs, and 16oz is 80 hrs. 


For wholesale inquiries, please apply with our wholesale application on our website at

Call: (864) 735-7812



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