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White Tea

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A mid-morning brunch with this delicate tea and your favorite biscotti, plus friends, is a recipe for a great day! Notes of mandarin and bergamot give way to thyme and ginger rounded out with the light fragrant white tea buds. This luxurious scent is packed with so many essential oils infused including bergamot, celery seed, ginger, guaiacwood, jasmine, lemon, mandarin, nutmeg, orange, origanum, patchouli, and sandalwood.


We list minimum burn times for our soy candles. Burn time can be affected by several different factors like wind draft, length of wick, and size of container. Soy wax is known to get 6-7 hours of burn time for every 1oz of wax. Our 4oz candle burns a minimum of 20 hrs, 8oz is 40 hrs, and 16oz is 80 hrs. 

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